Roses in January

Dropping on Soundcloud on February 14, 2018, Amethyst RX's latest release Roses in January takes a new turn... 10 tracks of Lo-fi beats, dark themes and emo vibes throughout, focusing on love and pain and the beauty in both. Roses in January is the marriage of deep grungy beats and poetics to match.

All tracks are FREE to download!

Check it out on Soundcloud now!

Amethyst RX - Roses in January

1. Cure | Produced by Aamon

2. Cherry Red | Produced by Zeeky Beats

3. Eros | Produced by Revelant Beats

4. Pink Skies | Produced by J. Steel

5. Alive Interlude | Produced by Young Taylor

6. Pain | Produced by NiNety8/MXS Beats

7. Snowflakes | Produced by Zeeky Beats

8. Catrina | Produced by boyfifty

9. Devil | Produced by Nicholas Allen

10. January | Produced by Yung Vro

All songs written by Amethyst RX

Photography: Devon Desiro-Camber

Mixing & Mastering: KIRK

All content Copyright ©2018, Astro Boy Music, All rights reserved.

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