Featured in Tuned Loud Magazine

We're proud to announce that the November 2017 issue of Tuned Loud features a review of Amethyst RX's (Formerly Young Prophet) debut single release, "I-Boogieman".

On the heels of the new Saturday Morning release, this is the first official review, and it doesn't disappoint.

"He’s got a level of immediacy and intensity in his bars that’s really hard to ignore while still maintaining a fair amount of cleverness. His rapping is done with enough heartfelt punch and can definitely hold their own in terms of structured and focused bars, to the point where I’m genuinely surprised at his age."


READ THE FULL REVIEW & ARTICLE: http://www.tunedloud.com/2017/11/21/young-prophet-i-boogieman-immediacy-and-intensity-thats-hard-to-ignore/

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A BIG shout-out and thank you to Tuned Loud, Jam Sphere, and any other Independent music magazines or sites to pick up the article. The love is much appreciated.


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